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KP Surge Protector
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Product introduction

Kp Surge Protector
KP surge protector is up to the standard of IEC61643. It is mainly applied to limiting amplitude value of transient over voltage, absorbing, consuming, discharging surging current energy in the electric wiring of AC 50Hz or 60Hz, rated working voltage 230V, surging through flow capacity not more than 50A. It is used in the occasion of higher type of over voltage which can make the protected electreical component transfer from one type of over voltage to another lower type of over voltage. It is adapted for composing combined electrical equipment with other module terminal electrical equipment so that it can increase installation types and expand range of use, or further step down over voltage on using terminals to protect TV set, hi-fi sound and such kinds of electrical appliances or the facilities like computer, microcomputer.
Protector applies to power utilization for household and the similar places, facilities for inputting circuit in the thunder direct stroke or protecting from the damage of the surging current caused by outdoor arrester.
Number of Poles
1P, 1P+N, 2P, 3P, 3P+N, 4P
Thermal Setting In (A)
6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40
Tripping Characteristic
B, S
Rated Voltage AC Un(V)
Minimum Operating Voltage UBmin(V)
Mechanical Electrical Endurance
Terminal Capacity Flexible/rigid Cable(mm2)
Bottom terminal: 16-25
Number of Poles
1+N(1 module)
Nuisance Tripping Resistance
250A 8/20 μs
Ambient Temperature (iC)
Weight (g)
Technical Parameter
Class of protection
class B
class C
class D
Reaction time (tr)
< 100ns
< 25ns
< 25ns
Protection voltage level (Up)
< 4kV
< 1.3kV
< 1kV
Max persistent working voltage (Ue)
275 VAC
275 VAC
275 VAC
Nominal discharge current (In)
Max discharge current (Imax)
Max reserve protection fuse
250A gl
125A gl
63A gl
Short circuit tolerance
Working ambient temperature range
Rated Operating Voltge (V)
230, 400
230, 400
230, 400

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